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Polanyi Rules in Solution

A recent Science commentary paper by Steve appeared on applying the Polanyi rules to solution phase H atom transfer reactions. Science 331, 1398-9 (2011)

Connecting the Redox Properties of solution species with Photoelectron Spectroscopy

A June 2012 cover article (J. Phys. Chem. B 116, 7269-7280) features joint work with our collaborators in the Krylov group at USC and the Winter group at BESSY in Berlin.

4/2013 Sean Roberts has accepted a position as Assistant Professor of Chemistry at University of Texas at Austin and will start in January 2014. Way to go Sean!

2/2013 Good luck to Christi Schroeder who recently started at the South Coast Air Quality Management District.

11/2012 We are deeply saddened to hear of the passing ofPiotr Pieniazek who had been working at Eli Lilly for the last year. Piotr was a wonderful colleague and human being as well as the original designer of this web site. We will all miss him greatly. There will be a local memorial for his friends at USC on May 3, 2013. (see

6/2012 Congratulations to Robert Seidel on award of a DFG Postdoctoral Scholarship!

Delmar Larsen (postdoc USC 2004-5) was promoted to Associate Professor at UC Davis in 2012.

4/2102 Congratulations to Tom Zhang on the Michael Dulligan Award and we wish you well in your postdoc at Montana State with Bern Kohler.

4/2012 Congratulations to Sean Roberts on winning the Arthur Adamson Postdoctoral Award. (He also picked up the ACS Postdoctoral Award at Denver ACS meeting earlier in the year)

1/2012 We are joined by two new postdocs, both from Europe. Elsa Couderc, from CEA in Grenoble, will be working jointly with our group and Richard Brutchey on organic/inorganic hybrid materials for solar energy conversion. Robert Seidel, from BESSY in Berlin, will be working on building a time-resolved liquid jet photoelectron spectrometer. Welcome to both!

2011 Chris Elles (Bradforth group 2004-2009), Assistant Professor at the University of Kansas has recently won an NSF-CAREER award.

5/2010 Chris Rivera picked up the Michael Dulligan award for top physical chemistry student as well as an Outstanding Student Award from the USC graduate student Congratulations also to Chris on his marriage to Mahsa.

3/2010 Chris (PD 2005-2009) and Lisa Elles have a baby boy too, Arthur.

1/2010 Congratulations to Dorte and Delmar Larsen (Bradforth group Postdoc 2004-5) on the birth of their second, Eva.

1/2010 Sean Roberts joins the group as an NSF ACC-F postdoctoral research fellow.

11/2009 We welcome two new graduate students, Anirban Roy and Saptaparna Das to the group.

Our group is supported by the US National Science Foundation, the US Department of Energy via the Center for Energy Nanoscience an Energy Frontier Research Center, and by the Research Corporation for Scientific Advancement.
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